USDA Certified, Licenced and Inspected

This means your breeder and their program is watched over by the Federal government by their rules and regulations. What does that mean? Our USDA inspector does unannounced spot checks on us and or guardian homes. He makes sure that the premise is clean, health, and safe for all the dogs. Puppies and Parents. He checks every single parent all over physically down to their teeth to make sure that we are keeping up on their health as well.

Our local vet (Docton) does all the annual physicals, testing, Rabies and such on the parents but the USDA goes over those papers as well to make sure even our vet didn't miss anything. What is the purpose to all this? To make sure that every puppy is coming to their new homes from healthy,  social, loved, kept safe parents that are always kept in great environments not barns anti-social and get no attention. People can say a lot of things and websites can be deceiving and fraudulent. Being USDA Certified, licensed and inspect well THIS IS A GUARANTEE THAT I AM PROUD TO BE PART OF!!!!! So if you can not come and see for yourself, you can be rest assured that we are what we say. Truly