Looking for wonderful, loving families in Florida

EVER CONSIDER BEING A GUARDIAN HOME FAMILY?  Hey guys, This is a great program and I have a very good and special relationship with each and every home that I have ever had. They make what we do possible. You allow me to breed high quality goldendoodles with integrity, trust and honesty. So why not get a free goldendoodle!!

If you are anywhere in Florida, We are always taking applications for qualified guardian homes. We have some older doodles/poodles that would love to have their very own family. (Older and puppies). Want a goldendoodle at no cost. We offer families a chance to love their very own goldendoodle by co-owning any one of our breeding babies. We charge a minimal deposit, which is returned, at the end of our contract plus we compensate $500 per litter produced. If you are interested in more info about this program, Please read the info on the website and contact me about availability.

Call or text me 941-889-9236 for info and check the guardian home program page on knudawn@yahoo.com