Retired Poodles

Retired Poodles:

Waiting on that perfect addition ? Well I just happen to have a couple that are just hanging out. Just retired two of the best!!!! Addsion Renee and Katlin Snow and as soon as Cassie has weened her babies in a few weeks then she will be ready to go as well.

Addison and Cassie are both almost 5 years old. Addison is an apricot and Cassie is red. Both are moyen poodles and weigh in the 40 lb range.

Katie is white, 35 lbs and is under two.

Of course they are super great and have been a big part of my life for the last few years. Katie’s line I have had for 25 years and has many service producing off spring for 4 paws 4 ability in Ohio and the other girls have been solid girlfriends when in need of comfort. Both have been spayed and cassie will be upon weening and before leaving. They are Up to date on vaccinations and Rabies, Heartworm checked in January, Flea prevention. These lady’s are mommas and are fully health tested for OFA hips, elbows, heart, eyes, VWD, and all DNA screening. I will be happy to provide all documentation.

They are house dogs and love to play and be social. Not living alone in a kennel or locked in crates in a back barn. They are house dogs. Which means they are under foot, follow to the bathroom, hog the bed, and occasionally be a pain and do something they know darn well not to. They are crate trained, house broken, leash trained and are very smart. Addison loves kids alot and will do very well with a family. Katie is more mellow and not as playful. She likes to observe. Cassie can go either way.

I am asking $300 for a Re-Homing fee. Ready for loving NOW!! Make an appointment today to come visit and make one of these super great momma’s yours. Check them out on the parents page. They are just a call away. Call or Text Dawn 941-889-9236.