Facts And Questions?

A) What is a Goldendoodle?  A Goldendoodle is a mixed-breed dog, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.They are one of the smartest breeds because the golden retriever is the fourth smartest breed and the poodle is the second smartest breed so when they are crossed it makes a very smart caring dog. The name Goldendoodle was created in 1992 by combining "Golden", from Golden Retriever, and "doodle" as in Labradoodle. Poodle hybrids have become increasingly popular and it is likely that the combination of Golden Retriever and Poodle has been duplicated by breeders in various countries at different times.

B) What should I look for in a puppy?  Quality, Quality, Quality

C) What should I look for in a breeder?   Breeder with Integrity

D) Do you breed standard, medium, and mini Goldendoodles?  We breed F1 & F1b and multi-gen Standard and Mini Size Goldendoodles

E) Where are you located?  We are located just outside of Port Charlotte, Florida nestling in the mist of orange groves.  All domestic shipping is $350.00 which include vet health certificate for flight, Plane ticket and transportation to airport of your choice. We can also ship in some cases COD. You pay for flight upon pickup although we will still need $75 for your health certificate for shipping. We can also do ground transportation if you would prefer. We also offer door to door transport from our home to yours cheaper the air shipping.

F) What kind of quality should I expect? Every puppy is hand raised and totally socialize with our small family.

G) What if I need help after I get home with my puppy? We always provide service to our extended families even after the sale and can provide references from many of our previous clients for your personal satisfaction. We guarantee a lifetime of support.

H) What is your breeding experience? We are a home based breeder. Our breeding program began two decades ago  with the goal of breeding healthy, even tempered Standard Poodles then merged over to Goldendoodles for all families types. Our breeding dogs are our companions and have joined our family as pups. All other pups that have joined our program have gone into guardian homes to provide that with a loving family while still provided us a service. We have carefully handpicked each one of our dogs based on their temperament, health history and disposition. We strive to breed only the best dogs from long, health tested bloodlines.

I) What do you feed your dogs? We feed all our puppies Life's Abundance all stage dog food. Each puppy goes home with a puppy pack which includes several days worth of food, informative information as well as extras such as a collar and leash, brush or comb, toys and treats.

J) What are the best qualities of this breed? These lovable teddy bear Goldendoodles have excellent dispositions and temperaments. Very social and Friendly, Family oriented and loving. Great for service, therapy, emotional support, and other special needs. Great with children and older folks for companionship.

K) Are the parents in good health/good quality? All of our parents are DNA tested, OFA certified and have their Cardiac and Eyes cleared before beginning breeding. They have been raised by our family since they were 8 weeks old themselves. We are so confident in their health we provide a full 3 year health guarantee on every puppy we home and have never paid a major medical bill or replaced a puppy for health reasons.

L) How big will my dog get? Our puppies average between 30-65lbs when fully grown. But we will not guarantee, this is only an average but based on the parents, grandparents and previous litters. Genetics, Genetics, Genetics plays a huge role but every pairing stays the same for the length of the breeding so we have good ensite as to who produced what.

M) Do you screen for genetic disorders? We screen for several genetic disorders such as PRA,PRCD,Vwd as well as OFA cert/ hip and elbow, heart, and eyes. Vet check, worming and current vaccinations are always taken care of prior to going to their new homes. All puppies have a 36 month health guarantee.

N) What makes our goldendoodles different from the so many other breeders out there? Well the first thing is........Each and every puppy is very socialized and family oriented. They are not afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Our puppies will certainly NOT go home and hide behind the couch for 3 days. They are playful and fun loving and want to be with you and do what you are doing. If you are vegging watching the game, then they will be under your feet. If it is time to take the boat out then they are game for that as well.

O) How can I pay for the puppy? We accept PayPal, Cash, credit cards, cashiers checks, wire transfers and checks. These can be found on our Buy a Puppy links.

P) Is your pricing competitive? Very competitively price based on other Goldendoodle breeders, plus a ton of extras.

Q) Is your business philanthropic? We work with and have donated puppies to 4 Paws for Abilty, Make a Wish, Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude.

R) Puppy proofing your home. Check this link out! https://lahomes.com/pet-safe-home-tips/

S) What is acceptable for your puppy to eat? https://petgearlab.com/can-dogs-eat-apples-lobster-oatmeal

We are sure you will notice the difference between us and any other Goldendoodle breeders.