So a little about Our guardian home program...


We are currently look to extend our Guardian home program down in our new home town. Looking for families interested in Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Fort Meyer and then some. If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to call me. 863-231-8722

Its pretty simple. We give a qualifying home/family one of our dogs that we plan on keeping for our breeding program, and we entrust you to take good care, love and absolutely cherish our baby. You love, train, socialize, pamper and keep this little puppy safe. We will cover all vet expenses, such as the OFA testing and genetic testing for breeding and all vaccinations. If any basic training is needed, we will cover the cost for our trainer to handle your pup. We will provide you with a crate and a bag of dog food, as well as whatever is needed to get you started. Now, of course, we have all breeding rights!

When the time comes that I decide to discontinue with the breeding of this dog, then I pay to have the dog spayed, and hand over all paperwork to the guardian home owners. We are responsible breeders and would not place a puppy in a home with just anyone, so we would like potential homes to know that a home visit may be required to make sure everyone is still maintaining what is in the best interest of our dogs.

We usually keep females, but, every so often, will have a male to hold on to, and we never breed our girls more the five times. (usually less).

This is a contracted program, and you must have references, and be home approved, prior to a puppy being placed.

We require a deposit of $650.00. This is returned to you upon the first breeding of our dog. Although, As compensation for taking such good care of our dogs, we pay our guardian families $500.00 from each litter born.  

This a wonderful program for everyone and has been greatly successful. This program allows for our breeding dogs to have a loving home environment. My guardian home owners and I have had wonderful joint custody of our pups.

Call 863-231-8722 or email info@kareawaykennels.com

Our Guardian Home responsibilities include:

  • Keeping us up to date with our puppy's growth with UTD photos
  • Letting us know when we reach our testing time such as 4 months to complete a cerf.
  • Keeping them Updated with shots such as Rabies, Annual Dhlpp as well as Heartworm bloodtest
  • Using monthly heart worm and flea prevention.
  • Registering their microchip
  • Keep dogs on a healthy diet and by using one of our daily multi-vitamins from Nu-Vet.
  • Make sure you have them licenced through your county. 
  • Most importantly to Love, Love, Love them!