We are home based in a convenient beautiful & quite country setting, Nestled in orange groves in Arcadia, Florida.   We oversee the health and well being of each and every dog here as well as all our Guardian home dogs. They get our full attention whether it's our older moms and dads right down to each and every puppy here.  We do not over breed and sometimes will go several months with out anyone bred or any puppies on the ground. 

I, Dawn,  am educated in Business Management, Behavioral Science, Pet CPR, First Aid, animal behavior and is a certified professional K9 trainer. Darrell (My husband)  is our resident certified professional K9 trainer.

We have most of our dogs placed in Guardian homes when available. We raise our breeding parents from puppies and are always from Health Tested parents or come from our own perfect parents. They are raised in a home so that they are social, house broken, obedience trained, family oriented and are without a doubt social. They are part of our family FIRST! Our Pets that are providing us a service......Period.....

Each and every puppy we sell comes with a life time of service. We are totally committed to giving them all a awesome start to their life. We focus all of our energy on keeping these wonderful, playful puppies clean, healthy, and social. They are played with bathed, romp and play, they go outside and enjoy the sunshine, play in the grass, and they are given baths (frequently) and hate the blow dryer but look so cute when they are clean.

From the day that our Goldendoodle puppies are born, we each handle them from the top of their heads to the tips of their tails. We invite people of all ages to come pet and play with our doodle puppies. We make sure they are exposed to people of all ages - from children to senior citizens - both male and female. Visitors who come to visit with our Goldendoodle puppies are frequently surprised that our puppies are so calm and well adjusted. They are bred for disposition, temperament, affection and attention, so our pups are not fearful of visitors and love to play; but, when tired will fall asleep right in your arms.

Please enjoy our website and of course if you have any comments or suggestions about it, please don't hesitate to send me an email or call me.


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